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kinsey vision board

Family Vision Board

A great way to explore your family’s goals, values, and desires is to create a family collage or vision board. Grab some magazines, crayons, and glue. Ask each person to find photos and words that represent your family, personal or family goals, or an activity you wish to experience together. Once you collect your pictures […]


The Feelings Thermometer: How to Help Your Child Communicate Their Feelings

    Do you wonder what your child is feeling when they are unable to express themselves?  “The Feelings Thermometer” is a simple tool to support your child to express their feelings. Using The Feelings Thermometer is simple. Our thermometer is based on a 1-10 scale. 10 represents the “hot thoughts” – the highest degree of  […]


How To Talk To Your Child About Preparing For A Hurricane

How To Talk To Your Child About Preparing For A Hurricane  As Sandy is approaching the East Coast many parents are trying to prepare their children for the storm. Here are a few tips for talking to your child in preparation for a Hurricane. 1. Explain the situation in simple and non-threatening words. For example, […]


Talking To Your Child About Natural Disasters

Talking To Your Child About Natural Disasters Explore your child’s thoughts. If they ask a question inquire further. Find out what they know and how they feel about it. Don’t assume and remember children have great imaginations. Validate their feelings. For example, “That is a scary thought.” This will encourage your child to talk to […]

ephram sad

Help Your Child Communicate Their Feelings Effectively. Try Greco’s Feeling Faces.

What are you feeling today? Has your child walked in the door from school looking withdrawn but unable to express their feelings? Did they have a terrible meltdown but cannot tell you why? Try using our tool, Greco’s Feeling Faces, to help your child express their feelings and communicate  effectively. Show your child the chart […]


Your Survival Guide for the Car Ride

Traveling with kids, especially long drives during the summer season, can be an adventure. Here are some tips to help you travel with ease and enjoy the ride.   Give each child (mom and dad too) a throw away camera, journal, and photo book. During your car ride and vacation they can use their creativity […]